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Happy Birthday Benjamin by NateTheGreat1717 Happy Birthday Benjamin by NateTheGreat1717
For Benjamin. Sixteen isn't old, you are not a paedophile, and Alex can go suck his own dick.

Thanks for being born, Ben. <3

And for the FicWadders who might be here: yes, Ben is the adorable one with glasses. Seven months older than me and he still looks like he's eleven.
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KilljoyKidDetonaterG Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Okay, I am mega super extremely late and whatever, but I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To both of you, because I don't know when I will be here again :) I really need to go on deviant art more... So, first off I really love love love love love (x100 with leprechauns (I'm Irish) on top!) this art piece, was it made on paint or where? (Don't hate me if I just insulted you somehow, I am very bad with computers) So, Happy Birthday to you, and happy all the birthdays to come to you and happy all the past birthdays to you! I hope you enjoy them all :) I know I try heheh... my last birthday resulted in me and some friends nearly getting kicked out of a cinema... some eleven year old boys sat in front and behind us and started a popcorn fight. We got caught in the cross fire, and we didn't have popcorn to retaliate. So, did we cower like cowards on cowardly pills in a coward shop? Nope. We threw hard sweets. Que annoyed cinema employee. Yeah... we got to watch the rest of the movie though!!
Okay, I should stop rambling... so what did you do for Ben's birthday? Random fact; my six year old brother is called Ben :D He seems to be the opposite of your Ben.., he's always in trouble and has a really loud mouth... he knows more swear words than me! But I'm rambling again....
I also was wondering how is Ben? Ben, if you are somehow reading this lame comment, how are you? All mended or not? I am genuinely concerned, please tell me so I can sleep at night! Well... I have insomnia, so chances are I wont, but I always try :)
Also, sixteen is NOT old xD Just saw that up top :L And I'm guessing Nate is younger than you a little, hence the paedophile comment? What harm, if I was a mainstream kind of person I would say that whole "YOLO!" shit, but instead I will say this; you only get one short life to do everything you want. If that means loving someone younger than you, who cares? Maybe society, but you shouldn't (unless that person is like 6 and you're 70. Then you need help). If you want to do crazy things with how you dress or your hair or whatever, do. It's what you want, and you weren't put on this earth to please others, only yourself. If that's not what the peadophile comment was about, at least I wasted part of your time on this earth ;) Heheh, look at me with all my knowledgableness and stuff when I've only fourteen years of life to know anything about....
I can't even butter bread (I'm not kidding; I literally can't butter bread. Well... I can kinda... if you like bread with holes and lumps of butter... )! But yeah....
So, I also want to say (oooh, more, lucky you get to read my brain stew (greenday reference :') hehehe sorry, Im functioning on... 5?... 5 hours sleep over the last two days.) something to Nate-
I hope you're alright after the accident too. I know you weren't the one hit by the car, but I know what it's like to have someone important to you run down. My sister and cousin were hit by German tourists a couple of years back. So, my cousin was pretty much A-okay, and my sister only had to spend a night or two in the hospital, but the whole time I was a crying wreck or else depressed. How wonderful, a depressed... eight?... eight year old. Yeah, so, I know it took me ages to feel right again, even though my sister only split her head and cut her wrist, so yeah... I was weepy for ages. So, like I said, hope all is good with you too Nate :)
So, the big one six, Jyu-rocku (Japanese btw-probs wrong, I lived in Oz nine months and had to learn), sechszehn (German), Sixteen. Sweet sixteen.... mine is in... sixteen months, I kid you not. Lol.,... my sister just gave out to me for saying lol too and all, hehe. She's very much alive and kicking. And biting and punching and hitting.... naw jokes, she just hits me, the fecker :)
So..... what did you do to celebrate? Am I getting too personal and creepy? Whoopsies... well I know that sixteen isn't as important as like eighteen and twentyone, is it the same in Canadia land? Leprechaun land prefers eighteen; then you can legally drink instead of getting your older friends to shnake ya a naggin (I don't drink, don't worry, it causes all sorts of problems and apparently alcoholism runs in my family -_-). Oh the wonderful world of leprechauns and shamrocks... sham... shamwow... shaman... shmeh, my brain is literally smush ._. <---that thing is me. It is a zombie. It is me. Therefore me is a zombie. EUGHHH I... don't want to eat your brains, that's creepy. Apologies.
Bee Tee Double-you (BTW), instead of studying for exams on.... Tuesday, I chose to read your fanfics and do a bit of creeping on your ficwad. My name is... KilljoyKid I think. I sign everything as XoxoxoDetonaterGirlxoxoxO though (hehe very longwinded of me, right? And it sounds like gossip girl, which means I think I shall change it-sorry, me rambles. Arís. which is Irish for again and is pronounced "ah-REESH." Enough Irish. Sorry. Again.)
So. I really should join this site. I may try to post this comment and find that I havee to be a member or something, and then this might all disappear and I'll have wasted some of my life... by the way, your collab is so totally amazing and worth spending my time on, even though my mom tells me I spend too much time on the internets :) Oh the joys of my mother.. .you'd think she's choose another of her kids to pick on, they're more messed up than me... wait, not really....
Anyhoo, this is very quickly turning into a manuscript (ANOTHER BRACKET!!!- well, I just wanted to say I was writing a book once and it was over 100 pages and my laptop deleted it and so yeah, that is nothing to do with anything but anyways), and so I bid you adiou. Is that how it's spelled? I dinnae (Scottish people accent- Please don't be offended Scottish peoples. Yous is awesomes peoples.)
So long, fair well, aufwiedersehen, adiou. Oh, the sound of music :') I hate that movie :)
SO, again, goodbye. Have nice birthdays, I will send you some cake via email. You can do that, I promise. And hugs and monkeys (south american ones, they're fricken yellow and soooo cute), and confetti and chocolate and more cake and stuff.... heheh... hee hees. He. Please don't take me too sirius (HARRY POTTER :D ), I actually am an insomniac. I have an excuse. Not really. Bye.
XoxoxoDetonaterGirlxoxoxO ( hehehe xoxogossipgirl
Kittenm123 Featured By Owner May 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Very Belated birthday Ben!!! I love the pic, Canadians are awesome!!!! They just like, so creative. Like Adam Gontier, and you two!!! Happy sixteenth, love your writing, ermmmmm..... Hope you get better soon!
mychemicalbitchbot Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012
It's late.... But I've never been good with scheduling, so whatever. Better late than never? Haha I dunno... Yeah.
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!?! Wait.... I'm not quite sure why I put in a question mark... But anyway, I hope you are doing swell (yes, that was just uttered from my fingers to your... Uh, monitor/however you're reading this. If you are reading this. Of course, I think you would be, but maybe that's presumptuous...) and having a good time right now. (waggles eyebrows. Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. I'm odd, strange, a freak, a novelty, whatever you decide to call it)
Well. Sixteen, right? If I'm wrong, you can totally hate on me.
Haha.... Sixteen. IDEK. Anywho... I hope its grand, and while it may have already had its rough spots, I just know it will be better! (waggles eyebrows again... Le sigh.) okay... Totally not creeping right now. But yes, Happeh Birthdey... Say that out loud and it may actually resemble the phrase happy birthday. Huh. Is Happy Birthday supposed to be capitalized? Ll, it matters not, because really, I'm just ying to wish you (Ben) a good year. And Nate too. Because I am currently under the impression (and correct me if I'm wrong) that if one of you has a good year so will the other... I know, I know. I sound like the weirdo best friend in a REALLY cheap dime store novel, or a Korean Drama (which are like fan service and nothing else), but I do believe it's true. Now maybe I should stop before I get awkward on ya...
If I wasn't in the wrong country (you guys are Canada, eh? Correct me if I'm wrong, my memory isn't perfect...) I would totally bear hug you. (to which my friends would tell me you shouldn't hug strangers. But really, I don't consider you guys strangers. You're like, an awesome part of my life that helps keep me going. You're like the coal to my train.... Okay. Not going to think anything dirty... Shit, too late.) So, Internet hugs? Because really, hugs are fecking awesome. Well, when they're not too painful and the person hugging you isn't trying to murder/mentally scar you (in a bad way). I think I need to say it again, because there's nothing better than someone saying 'happy birthday' to you when it's not your birthday. Today I got a message from someone saying just that. Naturally I asked who the fuck they were and if they wer trying to steal my brain for precious Frerard uses... They didn't text back. It was strange. Anywho... Happy birthday! Happeh brithdeyyyyy... No, I don't know what just happened either.
Hm... What do you think? Frerard or Waycest? (I only ask because I wrote a Waycest today and I'm curios of everyone's opinions of the Frerard vs Waycest matter.)
Hm... Do you like cake? Personally, I'm very picky about cake. (No, cake is not just cake, it has to be CAKE. It's like confusing pancakes and waffles. COMPLETELY different things. I mean, seriously. Vanilla cake, chocolate cake and Marble cake (random capitalization!) are like, on completely diffent universes!)
How about ice cream? I'm a chocolate gal. Well, chocolate and peanut butter. And Heath bars. But they don't have Heath bars in Canada (you going to tell me you're not Canadian, aren't you?), do they? When we visit my grandparents (who live in BC) we always have to bring Heath Bars. Because chocolate covered... What is it, it's like toffee or someone... Is too delicious to be without when you can get it.
So... What do you all like to do for birthdays? I like to write all day, because I am a strange fucker who does not poses a gun. Not that possessing a gun would change much. I dunno... I think certain guns have sex appeal. But I don't really care about that at the moment... I AM A HAPPY HERMIT!
So.... Wow, I just realized how fucking long this is. There are probably 8 million spelling and typing mistakes with I apologize for, and I bet it won't even be able to load because I made it too long. (It's never happened on DeviantArt but it has on other sites.... They just don't take into account ramblers like me. Oh shit. In my fervor to say happy belated birthday (happy belated birthday) I forgot to tell you how awesome the... Uh, art? (I'm not really sure if it's a drawing or painting or something entirely different...)
I love the glasses. (I have glasse problems, sorreh. I also hate the spell check ont he device I am currently using because it does not take into account my strange form of English.) the eyes are nice too, remind me of some styles I used to adore. (I don't really read manga anymore. I read one series so it doesn't count...)
Lip ring! Aw, why are you guys so perfect and hell, this pic is adorable! I love the blue you chose, and the slightly open mouth (um... I'm not sure, but I think it's Ben? Again, not sure. I haven't properly done my stalking ya see.) is fucking adorable! LET ME LOVE YOU! Actually, don't, because that would be strange since youre both in a committed relationship... Wait, can I have a relationship with your relationship? We can be like, relationship ninjas. (I'm sensing that me liking pussy might also be a problem... What am I even saying? I would never, ever get in the way of your relationship purposefully without just cause.)
I think that may have been slightly ass hole-y (it's in my nature and I don't usually recognize it when I do it ya see, so I'm sorry if it came off that way that's to what I meant!), so if you think I need to LEAVE YOU THE FUCK ALONE, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU FUCKING CREEPER you might wanna tell me. Because if I don't start writing, it's less likely I'll get carried away. (Can't guarantee it won't happen...)
So yes. Happy birthday, and um, hugs? Yeah, I think I can get away with that! (sneaks off to wherever you are [did I hallucinate the 'gold lined streets of Canada' sarcastic comment?] and tackle hugs you like a molfeckin boss. C'mon, you know you guys both want dangerous tackle hugs! Or maybe you don't.... No, only.... I cant think of anyone who I know is a part of common culture that doesn't like hugs, so sorreh. )
Happy birthday! Is this a bit over the top? Okay, I swear I'm done now!
NateTheGreat1717 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
Ben and I have agreed to abduct you and bring you to Canada. Seriously; NO ONE who leaves a comment like this can be hateable. (Look at me and my word-creating skillz~) Anyway, Ben can't stop spazzing over this. He just can't believe that we finally found someone who's crazier (in a good way) than he is. And no, we don't think you're creepy. We've gotten e-mails that were WAAAAY worse.
Relationship ninjas. I fucking worship you for that.
Hugs are in the mail.
MissAbbieHudson Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday Ben!!! haha

Hope you have a great day!!

You're getting old now:'L awww, Oh well xD

So yeah... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN (Your cake is in the post xD)

MissAbbieHudson xoxo
ValentineRevenge Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday :)

(Yes, I'm from FicWad too....Same name...)
SecretKeeper12 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
WOO! im from ficwad :3 (known as ChasingPavementsxoxo)

and ya'll are both adorable lol :3

uh, yeah. :D

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